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Guests will enter through a reconstruction of a section of the Key West Terminus (station). Inside visitors will find a themed mercantile store, filled with candies, turn of the century dolls and toys, dry goods, railroad memorabilia, gifts and related souvenirs.

flagler arrives

Upon exiting the gift shop into the Flagler Station HISTOREUM®, visitors will see the first of three film presentations. The first will show rare moving picture footage and photographs of the Key West Extension being built from its beginning in Homestead in 1905 to its completion and arrival on January 22, 1912 in Key West. They will meet the men responsible for this feat and experience the hardship, tragedy and grandeur of what was called by some "Flagler's Folly." A historyteller, will meet guests on the loading dock and tell them, first hand, of life as a worker on the Overseas Railway and how Key Westers felt as they anxiously awaited the arrival of the train. The Key West of January 22, 1912 will come to life.


Our historytellers will entrance the entire family with tales of the Key West Extension and the men who made possible one of the greatest engineering and construction feats of the 20th century.

A Magnificent Obsession

In 1905 Henry Flagler, one of the wealthiest men in the world, announced his plan to build a railway from Miami to Key West. Some laughed, some scoffed and most agreed that it could not be done. After eight years, three hurricanes, $30 million and hundreds of lives lost, Henry Flagler proved them wrong. Return with us to the turn of the century and...


Henry Flagler's legacy at the Flagler Station Over-Sea Railway HISTOREUM® Museum, where you can walk through an actual Florida East Coast Railroad car full of photographs and memorabilia from the "Railroad That Went To Sea." Learn how this engineering marvel was built. See the original film, "The Day the Train Arrived." Detailing one of the biggest celebrations in Florida's history given to honor Flagler upon his arrival on the first train January 22, 1912.

Ride Out To Sea...

Staged in the historic Maggie Atwell House, the oldest house relocated from Big Pine Key, you will experience the thrill of riding down the Florida Keys in 1929 aboard the railway that went to sea. Hear the eye witness accounts from some of those who were there in 1912 and who made the fascinating trip by rail on the Key West Extension.


The tragic demise of Flagler's dream in the devastating Labor Day hurricane of 1935.  

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